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Telstar 11

Position: 37.5 degrees WestCoverage: North & Central America, Europe & North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa Telstar 11N utilizes high powered Ku-band transponders to support a wide range of video and […]
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Intelsat 20

Position: 68.5 degrees EastCoverage: Europe, Asia (India), Middle East, Africa and North and South America Intelsat 20 provides a full range of services in Ku and C-band for premium landmass […]
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Satellite: Arabsat Badar 4, Badar 5, Badar 6Position: 26 degrees EastSatellite: Arabsat 2BPosition: 20 degrees EastSatellite: Arabsat 5APosition: 30.5 degrees EastCoverage: Middle East, Africa and Europe Backed by 21 Arab […]
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