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Ott service provider

OTT service provider. What is it?

Over-the-top (OTT) refers to any type of digital media distribution platform that delivers video content directly to consumers via the Internet rather than through a television network or cable company. It includes websites, mobile apps, and connected TVs. In simple terms, OTT streaming means paying an internet provider like cityfibre, sairtel, for internet service to stream contents without paying for cable TV.

An OTT service provider is an online solution that hosts live and on-demand content that is broadcast over the internet.

An OTT solution provider should not be confused with a streaming service, like Netflix or Hulu. The OTT provider is what powers these sites. An OTT provider is the framework of the house that allows streaming services to work.

How does OTT work?

OTT bypasses cable and broadcasting platforms that traditionally act as a controller for video broadcasting by using the internet.

As a professional, you have probably heard the term OTT broadcasting used in conversations that involve subscription-based video-on-demand services like Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+.

OTT streaming requires a series of equipment and protocols to bring the video from your camera to your viewers’ devices.

The journey of the video looks like this:

  • The camera captures RAW video files
  • RAW video files are sent to the connected encoder
  • The encoder converts RAW video files into digital video files
  • Digital video files are sent to the OTT provider via RTMP
  • OTT provider sends video to video players on viewers’ devices via HLS

The OTT service provider will provide the necessary equipment, hardware, or even software to encode your video content. You just need to upload your videos to the OTT platform and wait for the encoding to finish. Once the encoding is complete, the OTT service provider will send you a link to download your encoded files.

VOD vs Live streaming

There are two major two types of video content that use OTT technology: video on demand (VOD) and live streaming. Let’s take a quick look at these two types of content.

Live streaming

Live Streaming is when you watch a live event, like a sporting event, church services or concert, over the internet. This type of content is streamed live over the internet so you don’t need to wait for the file to download before you start viewing it. Live streaming is often used for events where there isn’t enough time to record the event.


Video on Demand (VOD) is a type of online content delivery system where users can watch movies and TV shows on demand. VOD services include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Live streaming refers to broadcasting live events over the internet. This includes sports, news, concerts, and other live events.

Essential features of OTT service providers

Many OTT services offer access to shows via “live” as it airs on TV, and as well as video on demand.

Research indicates that the video streaming market will be worth $223.98 billion in the next eight years. To get a foothold in that market, you need a powerful OTT service provider platform with the following features:

Enhanced security

Powerful CMS for organizing content

Advanced monetization tools

Video APIs

Technical support

Where to get the best ott service provider

The rise in popularity of over-the-top (OTT) services has led many companies to rethink how they deliver content to customers. These services allow for greater flexibility and control over the delivery of media content.

Choosing the right OTT platform is crucial to delivering the best video streaming experience. From movies or episodes to educational courses and tutorials, the best OTT platforms provide easy access to your content.

At sairtek, we offer our clients video streaming and hosting solutions with 24/7 support. sairtek is a competitive offering in the crowded OTT provider marketplace. Our video platform offers a full featured, self-service solution for both live streaming and VOD hosting.

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