Satellite uplink is the transmission of signals upwards from a source broadcast station on the ground to a satellite in space. Satellite Uplink is service is important to clients due its ability to add great value to their events. With the aid of solutions from Sairtek, the number one satellite uplink service provider in Lagos, clients can be assured of a great satellite uplink service.

Satellite Uplink Design
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Used in Satellite Communications, uplink describes the link between a ground station on the earth to the satellite. In television broadcasting, an uplink is viewed by clients as a link for them to upload their media content to a satellite before eventually being distributed to final users via a downlink. For instance when churches record their service, or any other event, and send it out to their tv channel, an uplink is created with the satellite. Also when live streaming, an uplink has been created from the venue to the satellite.

In satellite communication, the uplink frequency is higher than the downlink frequency because the attenuation level increase with an increase in frequency. The power at the ground station (Base Station) is more than compared to the power available at the satellite. More power is being required for high-frequency transmission.


  1. 1. Satellite Uplink Promotes Better Communication: Continuous improvements in satellite communication technology means that religious centres, media organizations, and commercial businesses are guaranteed better communication. With an uplink they can send their content – mostly videos – without them losing their quality. Uplink services are helping these organizations connect with their audience faster, easier, and with better affordability than ever before.
  2. 2. Greater Coverage and Faster transmission: Uplink services facilitate the ability to reach farther regions. A satellite, depending on its location above the earth’s atmosphere, can reach wide regions. Organizations in Africa can reach audiences in East Asia or even South America. Likewise, satellite transmission is very fast. In some cases, a satellite uplink could take less than 1ms. Hence, viewers can actively follow broadcasts. Integration of uplink services will minimize the distance between organizations and viewers.
  3. 3. More Secure Broadcast: For private transmissions, Sairtek uplink solutions allow organizations to keep their broadcast safe and secure. Uplink signals are highly encrypted and will not be easy to crack. Likewise, even the downlink signal can be encrypted in a way that will be understood by only its receiver. Sairtek can facilitate the broadcast of any event to anywhere in the world.

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