Setting up a Church TV Channel

With the speed at which technology is becoming continually integral in every part of the human life, it is up to us to take advantage of whatever advantages it could offer us. Broadcasting and streaming tv channels is one of such advantages offered. The ability to transmit live footage to millions of viewers across the world is a feat to not be taken for granted. Since sports, news, entertainment channels exist, so too can religious channels.

It is unavoidable that sometimes some congregation members might not be able to attend their church service due to certain circumstances. Maybe they are away on a trip, bedridden with illness, occupied by business related matters, or are just not able to attend the service in person. With a church tv channel, congregation members can tune in from anywhere in the world and follow the service as they would in person.

The Covid-19 pandemic (and lockdown era) made the need for church tv channels more pronounced. Unable to attend live church service in person, members began to attend through their television sets. Because of this, those churches that did not set up their own church tv channel began to slowly lose members to those that had. However, it is never too late. You too can set up your own church tv channel today at Sairtek.

How to Set Up Your Church TV Channel

Broadcasting your church events (service, harvest, concert, or bazar) has never been easier. One can get their church tv channel up within hours with the help of Sairtek’s expert professionals. After consultations – the duration of the church tv channel, the target audience, the means of broadcasting – the tv channel is set up for viewers. The channel broadcasting can even be done through the internet, meaning there is no limit to where your broadcast can reach.

Using Sairtek’s broadcasting solutions, pastors can set up their church channel to run like other regular channels. They can record sermons, interviews, programs, advertisements and then upload them for broadcasting. They can schedule the programs to run one after the other in whichever order they prefer. Furthermore, the option to broadcast live church services for their unavailable congregation members is also available to them.

File Transfer Over The Internet (FTP)

As a clergyman, cleric, or pastor, you can prerecord your content (services or other church events) and upload them through the internet. The recorded content is then sent to viewers across the world using FTP. They will be scheduled to run at the time you have scheduled. This method is not affected by the unstable power supply issues of the past as it is done over the internet. Also, it is rarely ever limited to certain geographical locations.

Signal Transfer Through Satellites

Another means is to have send an uplink (signals sent from earth to satellites) to a satellite that can broadcast to viewers in a chosen region. The uplink contains the raw content data to be further transmitted to viewers. This is a very efficient method as it is less costly for church tv channel owners and viewers alike. The raw data sent back by the satellite is decrypted and understood by a receiver. Click this link to read more on satellite broadcasting.


Religious content is becoming one of the most in-demand coverages around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has done more than amplified this need, it has also allowed people to offer up solutions to it. Unavoidable circumstances occasionally could force members to miss church events but with the help of Sairtek, you can setup your church tv channel and keep your church members in tune with church events. Message us for more information.

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